QC Radio: King Hippo with Lailah Reich and Sonny Daze // 26-01-21

QC Radio is a weekly look at the creativity flowing through the City of Chicago. We'll hear from Chicago-based musicians, DJs, record stores, journalists, labels and parties. This season is curated by broadcaster, event producer and member of the International Anthem family, King Hippo. Vocalist Lailah Reich shares an exclusive preview of a new project soon to be released on Animal Rights Records. She also shares a mix of music featuring songs created with longtime musical collaborators Moppy and Radius. DJ and Division 81 label boss, Sonny Daze, delivers a message in the music and also shares an exclusive preview of an album due out later this year with Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few. King Hippo closes out the show with some recently released and re-issued favourites.

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