Radio Highlife: Auntie Flo // 09-06-20

Radio Highlife is one man's global adventure in music. Presented by London-based 'Glas-Goan' DJ and digger Auntie Flo, every month features a diverse range of music, field recordings and stories based on the places he visits and people he meets along the way. Always on the hunt for the most extreme and hard-to-categorise sounds, Radio Highlife is a monthly showcase of music that has fallen between the cracks. New musical adventures from across the black Atlantic spectrum and beyond. This month we stop in the US, Chile, Columbia, Uganda, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, and more! Tracklist:

Black Classical - Medassi
Hiatt DB - 6 O'Clock Rock
Hiatt DB - Sun Spell
Leifur James - Ritual
Ujir - Da Capo
Niklas Wandt - Regenbogen Tanz
Niklas Wandt - Erdtöne
Bergsonist - Take It Slo
Jonah PC - Enlightenment
Okkyung Lee - another old story (옛날이야기)
Okkyung Lee - the longest morning
DJ Die Soon - Kappa Slap
Dijit - Babaakh Feat. AC Ghazy
Stacey Juritz & Ravens Keller - Like the Grass part 2 (radio edit)
Ka Baird - Heaven and Hell
Nídia - Nik Com
Metrist - Pollen Pt. II
Philou Louzolo - Ahosi Army
Alkibar Junior - Worbe Mali
Ana Helder - Capicúa
Sano x Siwo - I Can
Ramzi - chonki
Ramzi - malaga trancehall
Ami Dang - Simplicity Mind Tool
MinaeMinae - Tumult
MinaeMinae - Darlegung

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