Radio Highlife: Miami // 09-07-19

Radio Highlife is one man's global adventure in music. Presented by London-based 'Glas-Goan' DJ and digger Auntie Flo, every month features a diverse range of music, field recordings and stories based on the places he visits and people he meets along the way. Always on the hunt for the most extreme and hard-to-categorise sounds, Radio Highlife is a monthly showcase of music that has fallen between the cracks.

Sararthy Korwar Feat. MC Mawali - Mumbay (Auntie Flo Remix) [The Leaf Label]
DJ Khalab Feat. Shabaka Hutchings, Tommaso Cappellato - Dense [On The Corner]
Tom Blip and Swordman - Grimier Tip [Unreleased]
KOKOKO - Identity
Shingai - Zimtron
Cain - Cappae
Iso-Yso - Running Through My Head
Omesa Akiko - Omah Kwanza
Wojciech Rusin - Paolo's Dream
Wojciech Rusin - Dance
Wojciech Rusin - Salvation
Moondog - Marimba Mondo One The Rainforest
Luka Productions - Falaw
Allessandro Cortini - Amore Amaro
Flies + Flies - Threads (Instrumental)
Max De Wardener - Palindrom
Toto Chievetta Where The Sun Rises
Shannon - Let the Music Play (Dub Version)
Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna
Debbie Deb - Look Out Weekend
Sheena - Compulsion [Essential Media Group]
M.C. A.D.E. - Now Dance [4 Sight Records]
Gucci Crew II - The Cabbage Patch [Gucci Records]
Tod Terry - The Texican [Idlers]
Wired - To the Beat Of The Drum [Underworld Records]
Villiaire - Cheating Heart [Surefoot Records]
Shannon - Let The Music Play [Mirage Records]
Miami Sound Machine - Dr. Beat [Epic]

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