Radio Karantina: From Beirut To The Rest Of The World // 16-08-20

On Sundays, Thristian dives into his record collection and takes you through his choices. This week's Record Room is taken over by Nasri Sayegh for Radio Karantina with a message from Beirut to the world. “From Beirut to the world, and/or vice-versa; radiokarantina – born on the eve of March 15 when Lebanon was about to enter total quarantine - is a project that conjures together music, stories, and images during the exceptional times the world is currently witnessing. “Ceci n’est pas une radio! - but rather, a hunch, a sort of intuition that I followed. I quickly understood that this “compulsory medical and sanitary vacation” was here to stay in the long term. It was at first out of pure desire and pleasure that I began to share music with the world from my apartment, and then to go beyond the confined walls of my home by inviting friends into the ‘musical family’, and to finally – and humbly – set the example and encourage people to stay at home.

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