Rashad “Ringo” Smith: PASSPORT SESSIONS // 06-09-20

Born in England, raised in New York in a Jamaican and Haitian family, Rashad's formative musical years were spent in the company of Mos Def, Busta Rhymes and Q Tip. By 19 he was making beats for A Tribe Called Quest, moving on to produce for Mary J. Blige, remix Biggie and compose songs for Aaliyah, Fat Joe, Erykah Badu and En Vogue along with the rest of a long and eye-watering list of collaborators that gets fatter year by year. Tune in for Rashad 'Ringo' Smith's Passport Sessions to hear disco, boogie, jazz, reggae, dub, house and more music from all over the globe!

1- Haki R. Madhubuti: “Children” RISE Records

2- Rick Holmes: “Remember To Remember” Gold Mink Records

3- Maria Rita Stumpf: “Cântico Brasileiro No 7 (Inkiri Om)”

4- Edikanfo: “Nka Bom”

5- DE DE MOUSE: “Baby’s Star Jam”

6- K.M.D.: “Peachfuzz”

7- Cee Lo Green: “You Don’t Shock Me Anymore”

8- Minako Yoshida: “ケッペキにいさん

9- George Clinton & Family: “Super Spirit”

10- Maria Muldaur: “Midnight At The Oasis”

11- Blackalicious: “Make You Feel That Way”

12- Barabas: “Woman”

13- El Chicano: “Dancing Mama”

14- Eddie Kendricks: “I Never Used To Dance”

15- Bill Wolfer: “Wake Up”

16- La Mont Zeno Theatre: “Tell Them They Are Beautiful”

17- Roy Ayers: “Hummin’

18- The Headhunters: “I Remember I Made You Cry”

19- SWV: “I Wanna Be Where You Are”

20- The Beatles: “I Am The Walrus [OUTTAKE]

21- Linda Lewis: “Gladly Give My Hand”

22- Rosetta Howard: “If You’re a Viper (The Reefer Song)”

23- Mega Banton: “Sound Boy Killing” (REMIX)

24- Oumou Sangaré: “Yere Faga (feat. Tony Allen) [Natureboy Flako Version]

25- Bobby Rodriguez: “Simply Macrame”

26- Ruby & The Romantics: “Our Day Will Come”

27- Missy Elliott: “Beep Me 911 (Featuring 702 & Magoo)

28- Material: “Memories (feat. Whitney Houston, Archie Shepp)

29- Burning Spear: “Social Living”

31- Master Wel (Weldon Irvine): “Mos Def - Make It All Better Ft. Talib Kweli & Q-Tip”

30- Rance Allen Group: “Peace Of Mind”

32- Alice Coltrane: “Los Caballos”

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