Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume // 19-09-2019

Tune in for Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume on Worldwide FM. Alabaster introducing musicians from different backgrounds to play together for the first time, and develop material live on-air. On this edition, Alabaster is joined by these characters: Bex Burch (percussion / voice) Baha Yetkin (Oud) Alice Phelps (Violin) Dimi the Greek (Guitar / Mandole)

Spindle Ensemble - Chase [White Label]
YAAARD - Tell Me (For Kinlaw) [Kit Records]
Jaimie Branch - Simple Silver Surfer [International Anthem]
Hejra - Ribs (Deep Throat Choir Remix) [Lima Limo Records]
Thomas Nation - The Worry Men
Capital K - Go Go Go [Faith Industry]
Serafina Steer - The Mind Is A Trap
Thunder Tillman - Condor Sunflower
Lightboxes - All I Want
Dizraeli - Rising Son
Grimm Grimm - Cliffhanger [Some Other Planet Records]
Raven - Banshee
The Second Hand Orchestra - Leaves (That Used To Be Green As Hell)
Jaimie Branch - Prayer For Amerikka [International Anthem]
uh - Seasick In Salts [PRAH Recordings]

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