Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume // 21-03-19

Tune in for Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume on Worldwide FM. Players this month in the live development & interactive response group include Rozi Plain, whose new album is out on Memphis, and who will perform alongside Alabaster next month at the Barbican, for Dreaming the City, a celebration of 30 years of music from East London. We'll combine the local focus with music from distant places, including some selections from this year's upcoming Palestine Music Expo in Ramallah. Players: Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume - Live Rozi Plain (elec gtr/voice) Matt Webb (double bass/voice) Merlin Nova (keys/perc/voice) Olivia Moore (violin) Alabaster (sax/voice) Rachel Horwood (banjo)

Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon - Yesu Yan Yan [Wah Wah 45s]
Ponyland - Follow the crystal Fountain [Ponyland]
Blue House - Margate Jukebox [Faith & Industry]
Layfullstop - Bohemian Queen [Millicent Nathan]
Wildflower - Where The Earth Meets The Sky [WILDFLOWER MUSIC]
Leafcutter John - Yes! Come Parade With Us [Border Community]
Rozi Plain - Trouble (WWFM Live Session) [Rozi Plain]
Unknown Artist - Unknown [Demo]
Alabaster De'plume - Winner [Lost Map Records]
Champagne Dub - Champagne Dub [Faith & Industry]
Champagne Dub - Tundra [Faith & Industry]
Merlin Nova - This Is Real [White Label]
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal [Domino Recording Co]
Ghazall - A Tareeq [Ghazall]
Paddy Steer - Skin Spinnin' [Self-Released]
Fadi Ammous - خيط [Records DK]
Mesadorm - When She's In That Mood [Babylegs Records]
Clementine March - Partiendo Desde Cero [Freaksville Music]
Callum Easter - Fall In Love [Lost Map Records]
Cykada - Creation [Astigmatic Records]
Kala Ramnath - Raag Boupali [Sense World Music]
D Fine Us - Post Truth Era Blues [Helicon Music]
Unknown Artist - Meditation [Demo]
Homelife - You Have A Problem [Homelife]
Ed Dowie - Red Or Grey [Lost Map Records]
Alice Coltrane - Turiya & Ramakrishna [GRP Records]

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