lRhythm Travels: Tash LC with Nihiloxica and Zong Zing Band // 22-11-19

Tash LC is a radio host, DJ and music collector with a love for sounds from Africa and the Diaspora both old and new. For this month's show, Tash is joined by African-Congolese fusion band Zong Zing Band and Nihiloxica, a live project designed to utilise the trance-like state created by indigenous percussion troupes and fuse it with club music from the basements of Europe designed to achieve exactly the same goals. Tracklist:

Mbilia Bel - Nakeyi Nairobi [Tabu Ley/Syllart Records]
Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women's Group - Bunde Kod Asili [TAL]
Koichi Sakai - Jingo (12" Mix) ft. Afla Sackney [Olindo Records]
Bill Campbell - Body Beat [Soundway Records]
Danyel Waro - La Météo [Cobalt]
Ebenezer Obey - Awon Alhaji [Ebenezer Obey Music]
Sankayi - Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir [Crammed Discs]
The Zing Zong All Stars - Matoba [Fire In The Mountains Records]
The Zing Zong All Stars - Mutuashi [Fire In The Mountains Records]
The Zing Zong All Stars - Madamouselle [Fire In The Mountains Records]
Gangah and Kadie Monae Kamperi - Gatoulak (Remix) [Unknown]
Nihiloxica - Diggi Dagga [Nyege Nyege Tapes]
Kampire - Gatluak (Gan Gah, Cardi Monáe & Kampire Remix) [White Label]
Sum Alvarinho - M'konveta Dedo [Sons D'Africa]

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