Ron Trent // 22-11-2018

Join Ron Trent's journey of various musical textures, something old and something new. This program is a blend of Balearic, Loft, and House sound scapes. This show in particular is dedicated to David Mancuso who passed away on November 14th, 2016 and Roy Hargrove who passed recently. Enjoy the ride with Ron.

Embyro - Endless Feeling [April]
Trinidadian Deep - Project 18 [Unknown]
The It - Monterey [Unknown]
Orchestra Tropical - Tropical Paradise [Ariola]
Larry Heard - Sumer time Breeze [Black Market International]
Warm - On a Journey [Independent]
Authur Russell - In the Light [Talkin' Loud]
The Crusaders (DK Edit) - Street Life [MCA Records]
Flying Machines - Yactb Aba [Ubuntu Music]
JT Donaldson - The intro [Unknown]
Sky Tony - Moves you use [Moves you use]
Sky Mark (Ron Trent mix) - Find your way in this crazy world [Rush Hour Music]
Dam Funk - O.B. E [Stones Throw Records]
Vick Lavender - Set Fire [Nite Life Collective]
Wamdue Kids - Reflection [Peacefrog Records]
Don Carlos - Alone [Irma/Calypso Records]
Trinidadian Deep - Soca Electric [Unknown]
Dave Sammuels - New Math [MCA Records]
Emancipation Avenue (Ron Trent) - Old School Song [Rush Hour Recordings]
JT Donaldson & Chris Penny - Changing Times 2 [Juice Bar]
The RH Factor - Universe [Verve Records]
Joe Claussell unofficial edits and overdubs - Ogun knows well [Circuit T Promo]
Jimmy Owens - New Tune [A&M Records]
The JB’s - I am somebody [People]
Mtume - Love Lock [Epic]
Side Effect - Private World [Fantasy]
Cannonball Adderly - Fun in the church [Capitol Records]
Kamau Kenyatta - Griot de Janeiro [Omni Arts]
Azymuth - Nothing will be as it was [Milestone Records]

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