Ruben Molina: Artform Radio // 30-01-20

DJ Ruben Molina steps up in the mix at Los Angeles' radio destination The Artform Studio with a broad soulful selection.

Escorts – Ooh Baby Bay
Fuller Brothers – Stranger At My Door
Attractions – Find Me
Lovers – When Your Poor
Little Janice – Since You’ve Been Gone
Abraham & His Sons – I Can’t Do Without You
Debonettes – Choose Me
Turnpikes – Nothing But Promises
Icemen – My Girl She’s A Fox
Rudy Andrews – Casanova
After Hours – I Don’t Want To Cry
Green Berets – Lord, Send Me Somebody
McKinley Mitchell – She’s Married Already
Archie Bell & The Drells – A Thousand Wonders
Vibrations – You Better Beware
Melodics – I’d Never Thought I’d Lose You
Smoked Sugar – Keeping up mY front
Three Jades – I Care For You

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