Rustam Ospanoff

Rustam Ospanoff gathers all the deepest soul sounds from around the world and elegantly delivers them in gorgeous musical journeys every 1st Wednesday of the month, live from Brooklyn, New York.

Tune in for Rustam's show that features lots of new and exclusive music, international rare grooves, jazz, boogie, disco, house, electronic and hip-hop music.


1. Elements of Life - Hot Music (Vega Records)

2. A Love Supreme (Edit)

3. Lavan - Out 4 da Gusto (Allison Recordings)

4. Joaquin Joe Claussell - Alejate Dub (First Piano Take) (Sacred Rhythm)

5. Tomas Station - Descendientes Del Ritmo (Jordan Fields Mix)

6. Deodato - Whistle Bump (Moplen Remix) (GAMM)

7. Sun Palace - Rude Movements (OPOLOPO Remix) (BBE)

8. Reggie Dokes - Forgive Me (Reggie Dokes)

9. Kaidi Tatham - Feeling Happy (Sounds Familiar)

10. Flora Purim - Open Your Eyes You Can Fly (MdCL remix) (Unreleased)

11. Madison McFerrin - Guilty - Extended Mix (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC)

12. Axel Boman - Radionova (Essential Mix) (Studio Barnhus)

13. James Rudie - The Answer (Dance Regular)

14. Lars Bartkuhn - Let It Rain (Main Mix) (Bandcamp)

15. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Kreuzberg Kix | GE-OLOGY's Brooklyn SLAP Mix (Secretsundaze Music)

16. STR4TA - Vision 9 (Melé Mix) (Brownswood)

17. Four Tet - Pockets (K7)

18. Sauce and Dogs - Up and Under (Sauce and Dogs)

19. Conrad Soundsystem - Sorb (Unrealesed)

20. Tomoki Sanders - Visage (Unreleased)

21. Kino-Moderno - Into The Future (Future Mix) (Rush Hour)

22. Moton Records Inc - Hysteric Glamour (Moton Records)

23. Mocko Jumbie - Children Children (Frederiksberg Records)

24. Dionisimo Maio - Corpim Sabe (Alma Negra Edit)

25. OBO - We Say (Avocet Records)

26. Dave Valentin - Footprints (GRP Records)

27. Charles Earland - From My Heart To Yours (Mercury)

28. Funday Service - If You Believe (Unreleased)

29. Secret Night Gang - Journey (Brownswood)

30. Soul Supreme - Feelin' Good (Soul Supreme Records)

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