Rymden // 31-01-2019

The award-winning Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft has formed a new trio with Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund frome.s.t. (esbjorn svensson trio) called RYMDEN (meaning “space” – as in “outer space” or “universe”). Mari* and RYMDEN sit together and have an in depth conversation about their music focusing on its Scandinavian mood and attitude. You will hear music from their debut album “Reflections & Odysseys,” selections of their inspirations and live recordings from their concerts. Tune in for this special show focusing on the upcoming album from the Scandinavian jazz super group RYMDEN as they discuss the inspirations behind the project with Mari*.

RYMDEN – The Odyssey [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – Pitter Patter [Jazzland Recordings]
Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz & Dan Berglund – Take a Quick Break [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – Bergen [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – Orbiting [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – The Peacemaker [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN - Rak-The Abyss [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – VAILANT [Live at Nattjazz Festival]
RYMDEN – The Celestial Dog and The Funeral Ship [Jazzland Recordings]
e.s.t – Definition Of A Dog [ACT Music + Vision]
RYMDEN – The Odyssey [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – Rak [Jazzland Recordings]
J. Dilla – Workinonit [Stones Throw Records]
Black Sabbath – N.I.B. [Sanctuary Records]
RYMDEN – Pitter Patter [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – The Lugubrious Youth Of Lucky Luke [Jazzland Recordings]
RYMDEN – Homegrown [Jazzland Recordings]
e.s.t – Behind The Yashmak (Live in Hamburg) [ACT Music + Vision]
e.s.t – Goldwrap (Live in Hamburg) [ACT Music + Vision]
Bugge Wesseltoft – Black Pearl Makes Dream [Jazzland Recordings]
Tangerine Dream – White Eagle [Virgin Records]
Rainer Brüninghaus, Kenny Wheeler, Jon Christensen & Brynjar Hoff - Stufen [ECM Records]
RYMDEN – Pitter Patter [Live at Nattjazz Festival]

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