The Last Dance with Sally Rodgers & Friends

For her final show Sally asked all her former guests to select one track. But not just any old track, THE track they want to play as they shuffle off this mortal coil. The last piece of music they want your loved ones to hear and remember you by.

‘We’ll always be together, together in electric dreams’

1. JK Group – Rising

2. FlashBaxx – Brooklyn Love Boat

3. Peech Boys – Life is something Sweet

4. Parliamment – Flashlight

5. Martin L Dumas Jnr – Attitude, Belief and Determination

6. Grace Jones – La Vie en rose

7. Roxy Music – To Turn You On

8. Izy Ellie Shimada – Moon

9. The Dells – Make Sur (You Have Someone to Love You)

10. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

11. David Bowie – Life on Mars

12. Rene Aubry – Funeral March

13. Bob Dylan – Tambourine Man

14. Alan Sorrenti – Vorei Incontrarti

15. Nate08 – Feel It

16. Harold Melvin – Don’t Leave me this way

17. Donna Summer – The Last Dance

18. St4ta – Turn Me Round

19. Galliano – Little One

20. Ronnie Lane - The Poacher

21. Ivor Cutler – I’m Going in a field

22. Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroder – We’ll always be together (in electric Dreams)

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