Sandunes with Tarqeeb // 29-06-20

Tune in for a two hour show from musician and producer Sandunes, as she pulls together sounds to paint a picture of what’s been coming out of the burgeoning indie and electronic music scene within India and South Asia over the last decade, from bands and producers across Nepal, Pakistan and India. She is joined by curator and DJ – Tarqeeb, who has been dedicated to building and showcasing an internationally relevant Indian sound on his monthly radio show – Juggernaut. Tracklist:

Gauley Bhai - Morau
Many Roots Ensemble - BlackIndianEP
Usha Uthup & Bappi lahiri - Auva Auva Koi Yahan Nache
Rupa Sen - Aaj Shanibar
Peter Cat Recording Co. - Bismillah - [Panache Records]
Zubin Aroz - Because Dreams
Yung.Raj - Get Out
Tienas - Bombay Blues (Prod. Harrlin K Parulekar)
Okedo - Wacheewan
Worms' Cottage - The Simplest Thing
Ape Echoes- Hold Tight
SickFlip - Danza (21ST march)
Talal Qureshi - NATURAL
zzz - i dance in solitude
Sandunes - Simple Thing ft. IAMI
Sid Sriram - 2am prayer
Tarqeeb - Blip
Hedrun - Chirp
19. Moebius - Still Life
// Tarqeeb //
Kavya -Underscore
Prateek Kuhad - Cold/Mess
Prabh Deep - Maya [Azadi Records]
Kumail - Same Shit (feat. Pink Siifu) [Bastard Jazz]
Sandunes feat. Landslands - Eleven Eleven [K7 Records]
Aniruddh Menon - Ugh [Consolidate]
Begum - Chinbien [ _RHL remix ]
Mohit Rao - Conflict (feat. Aditi Ramesh, Adrian Joshua and The Accountant) [NRTYA]
Big Ri, Meba Ofilia - Done Talking
Cosmic Attic - Close Poles
Lifafa - Nikamma
Sid Vashi - WAI WAI
Zokhuma - Migration [DASTA]
Aerate Sound - Mages [Consolidate].

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