Sarathy Korwar with Sonali Bhattacharyya

Join Sarathy on his monthly excursion into new and old music. From phone recorded spoken work jams to modern-day protest music, the show is filled with gems from Szun Waves, Amaria Hamadalher, Kahlil El’ Zabar and more.

For this month's episode Sarathy invites award-winning playwright and screenwriter; Sonali Bhattacharyya as they chat about her new play at The Young Vic 'Chasing Hares' and her experience in theatre.

BCUC - Yinde (Short Version)

Bab L' Bluz - Ila Mata

Sarathy Korwar - Chasing Hares Outro Music

Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter

Asian Dub Foundation - Free Satpal Ram

Patti Smith - Gloria

Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype

PJ Harvey - Shee-La-Gig (John Peel Sessions)

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

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