Selección Mexicana: Turbo Sonidero

A selection of incredible Latin music from Selección Mexicana. Turbo Sonidero is a music producer and record collector from San Jose, CA who blends Rap with Cumbia Sonidera (sound system). He is a co-founder of Grupo Jejeje and also the-founder of Kumbia Net, a collective that promotes new and up-and-coming cumbia producers from Mexico and beyond. Turbo Sonidero is a pioneer who continues to lead the reemergence of cumbia globally.

In the first segment of this mix for Seleccion Mexicana, Turbo Sonidero shares records from his collection and explores the golden era (late 70’s - 80’s) of cumbia sonidera made in Mexico.

In the second segment, Turbo Sonidero takes you on a journey through his music production career from 2008 when his tracks mainly used cumbia sonidera and hip-hop samples to the present where he has embraced haunting synths and librerías de cumbia editada (sound libraries). Finally, he ends his mix with music from his latest collaboration, Kumbia Net with tracks by Arrabalero, Ato 05, Azucar, El Cifickzer, El Satanico, Santa Diabla and Plastic Toy Sounds.

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