Selección Mexicana with Pachuco Pinol // 01-03-21

Tune in for Selección Mexicana for the next two hours. This series dives into the folk music of Mexico, traversing regions through soundscape and culture, with focus on cumbia and sonidero traditions. Each month is hosted by a different DJ, crate-digger or musician representative of the traditional folk scene or nightlife and youth culture from Mexico and it's border regions. Recorded in 25°41'18.9"N 100°16'09.0"W (Monterrey, N.L.) Pachuco culture is resistance. They are the workers that crossed the border and showed with their zoot suits, their music and language, that their mexican heritage would never get lost just for being in the United States. Because of pachuco culture all types of elements were born, such as the counterculture of gangs, low riders, style and rhythm in each community.

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