Selección Mexicana with Patricio Coronado

Last year we contacted Patricio Coronado, a friend from the city of Monterrey, to tell him about Selección Mexicana. At that time, he was about to unveil the Transitory Tapes label and embark on a trip to the border. We are very pleased to present his first contribution to Worldwide FM, due to the relevance of his proposal.

Sound art, musical inquiry and experimentation take you on a two-hour journey through his influences and exercises. It presents us another perspective of northern Mexico, which invites us to pay attention to the imperceptible and the perceptible experience of the sense of hearing. That this grows and is consolidated in border cities is practically an induction to meditation in the city. Patricio’s contemplation on the mechanic, and his emotional reflections were forged in Pirámides, a band that left the margins of rock to play strictly psychedelic and rambling music.

The settings for this piece vary from ceremonial traditions to a room full of recording equipment and hardware. A parenthesis to everyday noise.

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