Sim Sima: Coco Em with Janice Iche

Tune in for a two hour show from Nairobi based DJ, Coco Em who explores the different sides of her taste as an eclectic selekta.

On this month's show, Coco Em is joined by Janice Iche on the show. Iche is a Kenyan/Tanzanian DJ, music producer, fine artist, part of the Sim Sima 254 family and is based in the coastal Kenyan town Mombasa. They are to her, the definition of love and resilience, having had to re-build their art, themself, from the ground up, re-define their space and still reserve some room for connection and honesty with the world. Stay tuned to hear what their mental space has been through these uncertain times. Iche will also be taking over the last 40 minutes of the show with a fire set of strictly Band Camp selections.

Tune in as Coco Em starts off with Blanc Manioc on Concassage which breaks away to some heavy kuduro and house tunes from Simbad, Kenya’s Just a band, the bass OG Cooly G, Osunlade, Gaia beat and more. We also slow things down with some Amapiano, a must have on set. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

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