Sim Sima: Coco Em with Labdi Ommes // 10-03-21

Tune in for a two hour show from Nairobi based DJ, Coco Em who explores the different sides of her taste as an eclectic selekta. For the second episode of Sim Sima this year, Coco Em speaks with Kenyan artist, vocalist, producer and all round amazing femme Labdi Ommes and gets to know more about what her mental state has been since the beginning of the crazy pandemic year, as she moves into a new chapter of her creativity in 2021. Coco Em also shares some of her music on the show, as well as a fiery dance set featuring tunes by Ase Manual, Cooly G, her new favourite tune of the year called 'Pedicure' by Nadio, and a lot more. tracklist:

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