SIM SIMA with Coco Em // 09-12-20

Tune in for a two hour show from Nairobi based DJ, Coco Em who explores the different sides of her taste as an eclectic selekta. On this month's show, Coco Em looks back at 2020 with a mash up of different genres including loud tracks that represent the uncertainty, frustration, joy and reflection she felt in the year. She also focuses on new releases from Blanc Manioc, Megatronic, Nazar, Slickback, Ase Manual, songstress, producer and artist triple threat Nabalayo as well as some oldies from South Africa with Mzekezeke and Ton n ton by Zing Master. She dedicates a word to producer Pink O. Zola who unfortunately passed following complications brought on by Sickle cell. He was 25 years young, gone way too soon. With more than five bangers in the Nairobi charts including Bad Manners by Gwaash and tracks by Matata such as Ruracio and Gengetone love, he was only getting started.

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