Simbad with seangran (Stay Cool) // 21-08-19

Monthly show from Simbad, long-standing Brownswood curator and producer. For this month's show, Simbad is joined by seangran. He is the founder of Stay Cool, a mentality and a movement dedicated to connecting people globally through music. Initially started as a mix series in Japan, it has grown to encompass a radio show, label, events series and community featuring the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Joe Armon-Jones, Joyce Wrice, Illa J and far more.

Lynda Dawn - At First Light [Brownswood]
Elheist - Matter Of Fact [Quest No More]
Tenesha The Wordsmith - Corny Ass Poem [On The Corner Records]
Dego Feat. Obenewa - I Don't Wanna Know [2000Black]
Defsound - Free Endtro [Mango Disco Records]
Saul Williams - Magnify The Feeling [White Label]
Moonchild - Money [eOne Music]
Sofa Talk - No Frills [Broken District]
Untitled - So Ready (Soulism Bootleg)
Deep Aztec - Let Me Tell Ya [Turn Left Recordings]
Jazzuelle - Matrix Dub [Stay True Sounds]
LB aka Labat - 1993 [White Label]
Rolv.k and Pekodjinn Feat. Gafacci - Bye Bye, Viens [Lowup Records]
Scratchclart & DJ Polo - Boog [DRMTRK]
Say3 - Get Up And Move
Osaji - Do That Dance (Edit)
Roska & Serocee - Road Again [Roska Kicks And Snares]
Marques - La Felt
Pulo NDJ - Cera Cera [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Jus Jam - Escape From The Hood [White Label]
Pierre Johnson & T.I.B - World After 5 [Stay True Sounds]
BokkieUlt & Cuebur - 5th Avenue

- Seangran In The Mix -
Jordan Rakei - Add The Bassline
Usher - U Know what It Is (Thrice Groove Remix)
Meikbar - Sunshine [Rush Hour]
Atjazz - It's Complete [Mantis Recordings]
Neuegrafik - I Miss Something (Xtra Brux Remix)
Tey Mori - Escapism [Wax Museum Recordings]
??? - Undefeated [Unreleased]
Havey Sutherland Feat. Jace XL - Something In The Water [Clarity Recordings]
Ben Hauke - Bauke Swap [Woop Records]
Seiho - Naked [White Label]
Tombe & Yih Capsule - Quedate Conmigo [Stay Cool]
Elmari - Free [White Label]
- Simbad -
DJ Haram - Overeager [Infiné]
Terror Danja - Scene 1 feat. Nii-Teiko [Tru Thoughts]
Sio - Blu [Stay True Sounds]
Nan Kolé - Healer [Identites]
Bakongo - Momoweb [White Label]
Brisa - Like This [White Label]
Vince Watson - Universal language
The Heavenly Band - We're Marching [Brownwood Recordings]
Nightwind - You're Someone Special [Windsong Productions]

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