Soul Revivers: Joe Gibbs Special

This Soul Revivers show is a two-hour special looking at the musical productions of Joe Gibbs.

From beginnings in the rocksteady years of 1967 and 68, through to boss sounds and early reggae, and then into the roots and finally dancehall, Joe Gibbs was top-ranking producer for two decades. The show features cuts from Dennis Brown, Junior Murvin, Marica Aitken, Cornell Campbell, I Roy and Earl 16.

1. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‘Chapter Two’ Joe Gibbs

2. The Overtakers ‘That’s the Way You Like It’ JA Shock blank 45

3. The Versatiles ‘You Just Can't Win’ UK Amalgamated blank 45

4. Keith Blake ‘Woo Oh Oh’ UK Amalgamated 45

5. The Pioneers ‘Whip Them’ JA Shock blank 45

6. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‘African Dub’ Joe Gibbs LP

7. The Destroyers ‘If Ah So’ JA Shock blank 45

8. Prince Far I ‘Deck of Cards’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

9. Gregory Isaacs ‘Babylon Too Rough’ JA Belmont 45

10. Earl Sixteen ‘Malcolm X’ JA Belmont 45

11. Dolphin Morris ‘Su-Su-Pan Rasta’ JA Belmont 45

12. Silford Walker ‘Jah Golden Pen’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

13. I Roy ’Still Waters Psalms 28' Joe Gibbs LP

14. Earth and Stone ‘Ring Craft’ JA Crazy Joe 45

15. Culture ‘Two Sevens Clash’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

16. Prince Allah ‘Naw Go to Them Burial’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

17. The Observer ‘Give Her My Love’ JA Joe Gibbs 12"

18. Dhaima ‘Can't Buy My Love’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

19. Dennis Brown ‘Deliverance Will Come’ Joe Gibbs LP

20. Cornell Campbell ’No Man’s Land’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

21. Junior Byles ‘Heart & Soul’ JA Errol T 45

22. Freddie McGregor ‘Once A Man’ JA Heavy Duty 45

23. Junior Mervin ‘Cool Out Son’ JA Heavy Duty 45

24. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‘Ugly Man’ JA Errol T 45

25. Marcia Aitken ‘I’m Still in Love’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

26. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‘Angola Crisis’ Joe Gibbs LP

27. Althea and Donna ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

28. Dhaima ‘Can’t Buy My Love’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

29. Dennis Brown ‘Your Man’ JA Joe Gibbs 45

30. Eek A Mouse ‘Virgin Girl’ / Lui Lepki ‘Lovers Takeover’ JA Joe Gibbs 12”

31. Robert French ’The Girls Now A Days’ JA Joe Gibbs 12”

32. Dennis Brown ‘Bubbling Fountain’ US Joe Gibbs LP

33. I Roy 'Knotty Knots’ JA Town-n-Country 45

34. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‘Reincarnation’ JA Belmont 45

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