Soul Revivers: Lovers' Rock Special

For this show, Soul Revivers' David Hill draws from his Lovers’ Rock box. The show features many Lovers’ versions of big soul tunes from the time, including versions of tracks by Keni Burke, Jean Carne, Phyllis Hyman, Stster Sledge and The Jones Girls.

1. Sonia ‘Easier to Love’ UK Cha Cha 12”

2. The Sadonians ‘The Day Will Come (Dub Will Run)’ UK Warrior 12"

3. Melina Carone ‘Special Kind of Love’ UK New Age Movements 12”

4. Stone Love feat. Winsome ‘You Know You Want to Be Loved’ UK Sir George 12”

5. Sandra Reid ‘Don't Tell Me Tell Her’ UK Sir George 12”

6. Hortense Ellis ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody’ UK Warrior 12”

7. Christine Lewin ‘In the Mood’ UK Hot Vinyl 12”

8. Norma Jones ‘Yesterday’s Love’ UK Yard International 12”

9. Dee Sharp ‘Rising to the Top’ UK Fashion 12”

10. True Harmony ‘Don't Let it Go to Your Head’ UK Freedom Sounds 12"

11. Sonia Whittingham ‘Sweet Sensation’ UK Star Disc 12”

12. Revelation ‘With You Boy’ UK Rite Sound 12”

13. Alton Ellis ‘Love is Tops’ UK Body Music 12”

14. Ras Imru Asher ‘Look of Love’ UK Selatone 12”

15. Jam Down Connection ‘Sympathy’ UK JD 12”

16. Peter Hunningale ‘Slipping Away’ UK LGR 12”

17. The Albians ‘Princess’ UK K&K 12”

18. Aisha ‘Dancing Time’ UK Ariwa 12”

19. Private I’s ‘Do I Worry’ UK Top Notch 12”

20. Webby Jay ‘In the Rain’ UK Arawak 12”

21. Barry Biggs ‘Illusion’ US Bullet 12”

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