Soul Revivers UK Roots Special Part Two

Journeys in reggae and dub with Dave Hill and Nick Manasseh, Soul Revivers.

Following the previous show, this is the second Soul Revivers special focussing on roots reggae recorded in the UK in the 1970s and 80s. This show features the Twinkle Brothers, Vivian Jones and Joe White, plus unreleased dubplate cuts from Aswad and I Jahman Levi .

1. Aswad ‘Warrior Charge’ UK Island / Grove Music 12”

2. Misty In Roots ‘Poor and Needy’ UK People Unite 12”

3. Delroy Washington ‘Give All the Praise to Jah’ UK Virgin 12”

4. Dambala ‘Zimbabwe’ UK Music Hive 12”

5. I Jahman Levi ‘Moulding’ UK Jahmani 12”

6. I Jahman Levi ‘Moulding’ dubplate

7. Twinkle Brothers ‘Jahoviah’ UK Virgin Front Line 12”

8. Vivian Jones ‘Who's Gonna Get Caught’ UK Virgo Stomach 12” 1

9. Freddy Clarke ‘Fight I Down’ UK Jungle Beat 12”

10. Sheer Gold ‘No More Will I Roam’ UK Negro 12”

11. Aswad 'Love Fire part 3’ dubplate

12. Linton Haughton ‘East of Handsworth’ UK Shield 12”

13. Joe White ‘Give and Take (on Both Sides)’ UK Ultra 45

14. Symbol ‘Misunderstanding’ UK Kebra Negast 12”

15. Maxi Priest ‘Love in the Ghetto’ UK Level Vibes 12”

16. Errol Bellot ‘Gimme’ UK S&G 12”

17. Winston Reedy & Jackie Mittoo ‘Message to Father’ UK Inner Light 12”

18. Noel McKoy & The Albians ’The People’ UK K&K 12”

19. Norris Regal ’Struggle’ UK Sirron Music 12”

20. Ras Elroy ‘Stepping’ UK Arawak 12”

21. Young Lions ‘Take Five’ UK Discovery 12”

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