Soulscape with Smiley Songs

South Korea’s DJ Soulscape aka Min June Park presents a new wave of music from East Asia and beyond.

Introducing the finest reggae / dub / global music power house from Korea, Eastern Standard Sounds. As the name suggests, the label and its core members started the organisation in respect of bass & dub culture, global movement and its organic spirit. This month, Soulscape selects crucial tunes from their catalog which represents Korean Groove and is also joined by selector and dubwiser Smiley Song, a core member of the organisation for a guest mix.


The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee - Monk Dub [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee - (Who Knows) [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee - East Sea (feat. Yun Seok Cheol) [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

Tu Choppy - Moments [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

The Soul Sauce - 向農歌 (Farmer’s Funk) [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

어쿠솔쟈 - 단비 [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee - 흥타령 [Eastern Standard Sounds(동양표준음향사)]

Special Guest Mix - Smiley Song

Smiley Song - Bull’s Pipe [Junior Wize]

Bunny Wailer - Rise & Shine [Solomonic]

Raphie Arenas & Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics - You’re Running [Log On]

Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes [Volcano]

John Holt - Police in Helicopter [Greensleeves]

Enos Mcleod - World in His Hands [Amussu Music]

A.J. Brown - Get Up Chant [Maestro Music]

Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street [Studio One]

Carol Kalphat - African land [Cry Tuff]

NST & The Soul Sauce - Sound Man [Eastern Standard Sounds]

Srirajah Rockers - Destroy Babylon [Hua Lampong Riddim]

D-Roy Band - Hyde Park Dub [D-Roy]

Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell [Ballistic]

Desi Roots - He Ain’t Comming [Hawkeye]

Freddie Clarke - Home We Wanna Go [Main Line]

Pecker - Kylyn [Columbia]

Jackie Mittoo - Oboe [Studio One]

Robert “Dubwise” Browne - Everybody Loves The Sunshine [Vortex Records]

Aba Ariginals - Lucrative [Music House]

The Soul Sauce - Steppin’ On [Eastern Standard Sounds]

Freddie Mcgregor - Natural Collie [High Times]

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