Sounds Familiar Takeover: K15 from Tresor - Berlin

‘Grateful I got to play at the afterparty for 'The Birth Of Techno' exhibition. Wasn't sure what to bring, so I packed some music that FEELS good. Enjoy!’

This is what K15 had to say about his amazing set at ‘“The Birth of Techno" from Detroit to Berlin’ exhibition party at Tresor and we’re bringing it to you for this months takeover!

The exhibition, curated by artistheplace, looks closely into 1980s Detroit where Techno was born. It shines a light on the African-American artists who produced the very first techno records and the music moguls who wove it into Berlin’s vibrant club scene. The show is a really amazing focus on the world of dance music and its roots so if you’re in Berlin this summer make sure you go down and check it out! Ends 28th August

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