Sounds Familiar Takeover: Sonny Daze Ft. Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few

For this month's show producer and DJ Sonny Daze takes over SF on WWFM.

Sonny’s focus takes the audience on a tour of his journey which starts on Chicago’s South Side from different perspectives as a child. From sitting in the car, to his family’s Hi-Fi system as a child, Flashing Nightclubs in the 90’s. Life on the beach in Miami, exploration of the electrical currents of the City life in Berlin and NY, he explores the almost dream like state that music can put the listener in. Though the journey begins in Chicago, it goes on to explore the relationships of Musicians and DJ’s to the spirit of music. With interview segments featuring Isaiah Collier and members of his band The Chosen Few. By the end of the show it is quite apparent that rhythm is the universal heartbeat and that across all forms of music and sound that the vibration is an instrument of healing.

Pharoah Sanders-Harvest Time

Wyton Marsalis- skains Domain

Leon Thomas- the creator has a master plan

Larry Heard-winter winds & chills

Roy Haynes- Wonderin

Headhunters- Chameleon

N’kouri - Souviens-Toi Madinga

Don Cherry- universal mother

Jackie McLean & The Cosmic Brotherhood- New York Calling

Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few-Part II. Humility

Byron The Aquarius- Girls Girls Girls

Leon Thomas-pharaohs song

Gigi Masin- Swallows Tempest

Bless The Mad-Bless The Mad

Gene Harris -Summer (the first time)

Sense & Radius- Era of the Tec

Vance and Suzzanne- I can’t get along without you.

Genie Brown- I can’t stop talking

War- Youngblood

The Last poets-Tribute to Obabi(OGUN)

Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few-Part I. Forgiveness

Sonny Fortune- A space in time

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes- Beautiful Woman

Cloud- All Night Long( Ge-ology Special mix)

Hokis Pokis-Nowhere (Danny Krivit edit)

Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few- Part III.


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