Worldwide FM Soundway with Paula Juana brings you a space to explore Soundway’s musical offering and chat with artists, compilers and composers, showcasing the music that inspires them to create. Paula Juana is Artists Relations Manager at Soundway Records and Creative Director at Soundway Publishing. She is joined by Andres Astorga a.k.a DJ Trujillo who brings an exclusive listening of his upcoming compilation: Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth​-​Pop, Boogie and House (1982​-​1992).

On top of being a DJ, Trujillo is also a producer, record collector and digger from Venezuela now based in Berlin. His trajectory is as colourful as his music. Trujillo’s well-honed sense of soul, disco and tropical 80s house rhythms come paired with an unparalleled devotion to digging up dusty dance floor heat that gets even the chin strokers’ hips shaking. Trujillo has compiled, researched and given life to Soundway’s upcoming compilation. And he seats with Paula Juana to tell us more about it.

  • Marengo – Puente De Esperanza – Soundway Records
  • Moment in Love – Art of Noise
  • Beni Life – Amor En El Cielo – Soundway Records
  • Tango? – Tango? – Soundway Records
  • Zas – I Love My Body – Soundway Records
  • Ma Ritter – Flamenco Rap (In The Land Of My Dreams) – Soundway Records
  • Silvia – Me Vas Cantidad – Soundway Records
  • Cuélebre – Costa Verde – Soundway Records
  • La Guinda – Jamás Me Casaría Con Un Pirata – Soundway Records
  • Isamar & Compañía – No Estas (12” Version) – Soundway Records
  • Bianca – Tabu (Caribbean Dub) – Soundway Records
  • Madrid Groove – Suave – Soundway Records
  • Nsue – Rebelde Silueta – Soundway Records
  • Free Tax – Paris Babylone – Soundway Records
  • Fernando Girão – Divorcio – Soundway Records
  • Magia Blanca – Déjate Llevar – Soundway Records
  • Jaume Escala – Ciutat – Soundway Records
  • Scan Man – Arabian – Soundway Records
  • Blaumarí – Memòries – Soundway Records
  • Johnny Lamas – Una Amiga En Nueva York – Not On Label
  • Con El Cielo En Tus Ojos – Daniel Grau – Merlin Nose Label Group
  • Trujillo – Panague – Mother Tongue Records

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