Southern Tips: Aaron P

Cape Town based Aaron.P who co-runs The Other, (The Other Radio, The Other Records, Search Festival & SWIM) presents Southern Tips.

This month's show includes a variety rundown of some of Aaron P's favourite tracks to come out of South Africa. From brooding South African jazz to sweat inducing jungle pushing the tempo as we go. Travel with his as he explores the endless pit from the Southern Tip. Music from Mabuta, The Charles Gene Suite, Odous, Sunsunsun, Namakau Star, M.Field and loads more.

Kyle Shepherd - Excerpt Side A : For Keith - Desert Monk - Reinvention/Johannesburg - Sweet Zim Suite - Coleen’s Rose - Buddy’s Well of Beauty [Matsuli Music]

VA - Wolala [SWP Records]

The Brother Moves On - Ke A Bereka [Matsuli Music]

Keenan Ahrends - Family [Independent]

Tumi Mogorosi - The Fall [Mushroom Hour Half Hour]

Shane Cooper & Mabuta - Flow [Kujua Records]

Stimela - I Love You [Gallo]

M Field - Surely Years Ago [Independent]

E&S Brothers - Sikile Masike [Afrosynth]

Namakau Star - Rewind [Independent]

The Charles Gene Suite - Before The Sun Comes Up ft. Langa Mavuso & Lerato Lichaba [Independent]

SKINNIEZ - MIND STOP ft. Dirty Art Club [Independent]

Mathroom - Purple [Independent]

Sakkie Pocket - Hoendertander [Sonecy]

Mawa Dzulo - Sleeping Peach [Lilies]

Buli & CelerLogica - Focus ft. Kifferei [Independent]

curlyfingers - yor Ive [Independent]

Luis 93, Vicmari - Mind Beams & Space Echo [Independent]

Vulane Mthembu - III [Independent]

Ray Bennett - Dlangamandla [No Label]

Sunsunsun - Mirrors [No Label]

re.dah - ECT001 ft. Jaybob [Unreleased]

tiro! - Bailando con Mis Hombres [Roses Are Red]

Rose Bonica - Nothing Lasts Forever (Fear & Self Loathing Remix) [Independent]

Odous - The Stone That Left No Ripple [Independent]

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