Good Morning World: Cosmo Sofi

Tune in for a psychedelic trip across the globe with music from past to the future, the soulful and jazzy to the synthetic, dubby, eccentric and slightly experimental. Enjoy the ride!

Music to help you ease into the week with a mix that will spark calmness and joy.

Sault - Rise

Jean C. Roché - Rancho Grande

Langston Hughes - Dreams

Nala Sinephro - Space 1

A Macaca & Peter Power - Alma de Terra

Rare Silk - Storm

Arica - Passive in the Cosmos

Arica - Active in the Cosmos

Takeo moriyama - East Plants

Archie Shepp, Jasper Van't Holf - Naima

Arp - Nzuku

Beaters - Harari

Tatsuro Yamashita - Windy Lady

Bobby Caldwell - Down For The Third Time

Noriko Niyamoto - My Life

Lonnie Smith - It’s Changed

Chichito Cabral - Chicalanga

El Kinto - Muy Lejos Te Vas

Sebastiâo Tapajos - Voce

Elios Matheus - Mais Kriola

Celia - To be

Opa - Pieces

Guess What - Lessons in Space

S.K Radicals - Farside (Original)

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