Spectrums with Cosmo Sofi // 10-08-20

Cosmo Sofi is a London-based Uruguayan DJ and designer. Curious about music and culture, Sofi loves to dig deep and discover soulful sounds from the world and beyond and share them with people. Music for open ears, open minds and open hearts. On this show, she presents an hour-long mix touching on the carnival rhythms from Montevideo’s hypnotic Candombe drums, Brazil’s samba, then finishing in London for the roots of Sound System Culture.

Cachila, Cuareim 1080 - Candombe Vocal [Buda Musique]
Hugo Fattoruso y Barrio Opa - Candombelek [Far Out Recordings]
Yamandu Perez y Amigos - La Batea [Sondor]
[Vocals: Afrocandombe - Afro]
Cachila, Cuareim 1080 - Tamboriles [Buda Musique]
[Vocals: Afrocandombe - Candombe Para Figari]
Trio de Tambores - Lonjas de Ansina [Canciones de Oro]
Cachila & Cuareim 1080 - Blum yum [Buda Musique]
Jorge Graf - Dis - Ka - Ndombe [Sondor]
Yamandu Perez, Hugo Trova - Este Ritmo [Sondor]
Djalma Correa.- Samba De Ousadia [Philips]
Jorge Ben - Pais Tropical [Philips]
Zé Keti - A Voz Do Morro []
Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha Fe, Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer [Mr.Bongo]
Johnny Clarke - Crazy Baldheads [Jackpot]
Trinity - Three Piece Suit [Crazy Joe Records]
Burning Spear - Rocking Time [Coxsone]
Derrick Harriott, Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven - Now We Know [Crystal Records]
Junior Murvin - Cool Out Son [Joe Gibbs Record Globe]
The Black Roots - Huckle Buck [Moodisc]
Mr.Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp [Trojan Records]
Blacka T - Jungle Ina Mi Heart [Street Desire Music]

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