Stamp The Wax: Aaron L // 23-02-19

Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

Robert ÆOLUS Myers - Dreamscape From The Night Kitchen [Origins People]
Bartosz Kruczynski - Petals [Unreleased]
Sun Runners - Higher Love [Apron]
Moon Tan - Eso Lux [Good Timin’]
G.S. Scray - In Unsmiling Homage [Last Resort]
Pinty - Tropical Bleu [Rhythm Section]
Jordan - Don’t Go [Bltrs]
Space Farm - The Dawn of Birds [Left Ear]
ANF - Chi Motion [Pacific Rhythm]
New Age Bloke - Friendzoned [Veranda Culture]
Ali Berger - Restaurant Deep Houze Experience [Clave House]
Franz Scala - Electra [MM Discos]
Bartosz Kruczynski - In The Garden [Unreleased]
Parasang Interview + Live Set
feat. Pouya Ehsaei, Shirely Tetteh, Patrick Boyl and Sam Warner
Short-Term Memory - City In Mind [Séance Centre]
Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals - Black Precious Color [Strut]
Free Level - Blue Grass [Into The Light]
Gladkazuka - The Drop [Cómeme]
Quavius - Flo Central [Lustwerk Music]
Small People - Magic Interference [Smallville[
Ruf Dug - Abandoned Pyramid [Futureboogie]
Curt Cress - Sundace [Music From Memory]
Textasy - Mystique [Exotic Robotics]
Wolves Bay - Drowned In The Sky [Wolves Bay]
Central - Tæt pa Mig [Help Recordings]

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