Stamp The Wax: Aaron L // 25-04-20

Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L. Tracklist:

Album of the Month: K-Lone - Cape Cira [Wisdom Teeth]

Rising: Ilana Bryne


44th Move feat. Takuya Karoda - Hope [Black Acre]

The Head (Joseph Shabason & Thom Gill) - All The Things [Stamp The Wax]

Milyo Kolarov - Analogue Dream [Music For Dreams]

QOTSA - Go With The Flow (Dan Wainwright Edit) [Free Download]

River Yarra - Cafe del Frog [If-Only]

Sofie - Try To Reach Me [Stones Throw]

Rosa - Bar Riveria (Strumentale) [Periodica]

Manuel Darquart - It’s A Dub [Stamp The Wax]

Space Ghost - Girl You Hypnotize Me [Apron]

Soul Connection - Are U Available [Invisible City Editions]

Romaal Kultan - Everlasting Love [Tiff’s Joints]

Lord of the Isles - Waiting In Arisaig [whities]

Dazion - The Chant Of Celebrational Beings [Animals Dancing]

Ron Boots - Lachrymation [Stroom]

Sarah Bates - Crazy Things [High Hoops]

Graham Van Pelt - Sense Appeal (Gene Tellem 00's Mix) [No Bad Days]

Phil Stroud - Zamia Trail [Self-Released]

K-Lone - Bluefin [Wisdom Teeth]

Steve Legget & Mark Hand feat. Greg Blackman - If You Cannot Try [Apollo]

Aleqs Notal - Blessing [Stamp The Wax]

Daniel Monaco - Somalia [Slow Motion]

Kid Machine - You’re Love [Red Laser]

Credit 00 & Egyptian Lover - Super Scratch (Egyptian Lover Instrumental Remix) [FM]

LITIA=LOE - Each Dawn Every Dawn [Left Ear / Mixed Signals]

DJ Pollen - Blossom [West Friends]

Thoma Bulwer & Francesca - Track 8 [Ransom Note]

Ilana Bryne - Exclusive Shit Holds No Weight [Naive]

Finn - Trick Trick [Ruf Kutz]

Dampé & Mushkilla - Jesse James [Wotnot]

Donya feat. Sadat - Molotof [Raket]

Xpression - Horizon [Cosmic Rhythm]

Winters - The Breathing Earth [Stamp The Wax]

NYX - Somme [Nyx-EDC]

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