Stamp The Wax: Aaron L and Rosie Ama's 2018 Round Up // 29-12-18

Tune in for 2018 highlights from London music platform Stamp the Wax, hosted by Aaron L and Rosie Ama.

Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright - This Time (Live At Glastonbury Hall) [Emotional Rescue]
Palta & Ti - Forårets Skørhed [12th Isle]
Boban Petrovic - Happy Together (Haners Edit) [Magic Wand]
Grouper - Birthday Song [Kranky]
Reckonwrong - 14 Days [Whities]
Morgan Blanc - Whisper Me A Secret [Lumiere Noire]
Zru Vogue - Possibly images [Musiques Electroniques Actuelles]
Dominique du Mont - Le Soleil Dans Le Monde [Antinote]
Mic Mills - H.A.A.R.P (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix) [Global Skywatch]
Ingus Bauskenieks - Kur Tu Esi? [Stroom]
Altin Gun - Goca Dunya [Bongo Joe]
Anatolian Weapons - Rahim [Lurid Music]
Waak Waak Djungi - Mother I'm Going [Efficient Space]
Farber Resande Mac - Janne [Music For Dreams]
Willie Graf & Darren Eboli - Moon [Music For Dreams]
Credit 00 - Cruisin [Bordello A Parigi]
Solitary Dancer - Heroine Dub [Optimo Music]
Bufi - Hillalum (Amazonica) [Duro Label]
Whax - Can I Take You Home [All City]
Victor - Amerikan Dread (Androo Dub Remix) [Music From Memory]
Yello - Tied Up (Andi Hanley Edit) [Magic Wand]
Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon (Tornado Wallace Remix) [Research Records]
Desert Sound Colony - Lose My Rhythm [Snap, Crackle and Pop]
Kasra V - Bloom [Firehouse]
Kyle Hall & Kero - FASTR000 [Detroit Underground]
Posthuman - Polywater Acid [Craigie Knowes]
Glamoratz - Club Rat [Public Possession]
Unknown - Radio Morocco (Jonny Rock Edit) [Fleeting Wax]
Melatonin Man - My Head is a Tornado [Nous’klaer Audio]
I:Cube - Flutes Souterraines [Versatile]
Jonny 5 - Tum Tum [Bahnstag 23]
The Pilotwings - Just Be (Ushuaia Mix) [BFDM]
Roman Flugel - Theme XI [ESP Institute]
Radiant Children - Poke Bowl [Radiant Children]
Summers Sons - The Feeling [Melting Pot Music]
Dreamcast - Up 2 U [Future Times]
Aidan Shepherd - Max [Waella’s Choice]
Tierra Whack - Black Nails [Tierra Whack]
Blundetto - Slow Dance (Violaa Remix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Marcus Garvey [Wax Museum]

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