Stamp The Wax: Aaron L with Saul and Zipporah // 28-09-19

Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L. He is joined by Saul and Zipporah. Tracklist:

Album of the Month: Vazz - Cloud Over Maroma [Stroom]
Rising: Santilli
Tawiah - Don’t Hold Your Breath [First Word]
Saul - Interlude [Rhythm Section]
Onom Ogemo And The Disco Jumpers - Liquid Love [Kryptox]
VAZZ - Breath [Stroom]
Yin Yin - Tom Ki Ki [Bongo Joe]
Bro David - Experience (Justin Vandervolgen Version) [Cultures of Soul]
Kontrola W - To bedzie koniec (Schmoltz edit) [Very Polish Cutouts]
Santilli - CRB [Into The Light]
Max de Wardener - Falter
VAZZ - Embers [Stroom]
Lanoche - Love Fall [On Board Music]
- Saul Live Set -
VAZZ - Mezquita Part 2 [Stroom]
Max de Wardener - Vanitas
Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up (Time Capsule Mix) [Time Capsule]
Meo - Cikuana [Dualismo]
WOLFRAM - Scirocco [Public Possession]
- Don’t Call It World Music: Zipporah introduces Electronic Morocco -
Stranger Souma - Hyat [Distrokid]
Kosh - In A Maze (WTF Edit) [Casa Voyager]
Gan Gah - Maalaya Dance [Lowup Records]
Polyswitch - Uknowassup [Astrofever]
SJ Tequila - The Day After [Craigie Knowes]
Tackstars - What About House [L.I.E.S]
Molinaro - Purity [Apron]
El Prevost - Wheel [Troy Town]
Betonkust & Innershades - Sorry for Apologising [Clone Jack For Daze]
Wbeeza - Bodyman (Wbeeza Spektral Cut) [Peckham Fly]

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