State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow (MCDE) with Marie Montexier (Warning) // 27-10-20

Danilo Plessow AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble is on a constant mission to discover new sounds. This one-man-band(ensemble), hailed for his unique combinations of retro and futuristic German house, draws from an impressive and multi-faceted record collection. The celebrated DJ and producer shares some of the music that inspires him every month here on Worldwide FM. In the first hour, the focus is on poetry. A mixture of ambient, jazz and psychedelic records accompany poems by (in order of appearance:) Scott Grooves, Spencer Matheson, Amarantha Groen, Portable & Mandy Jade Alexander.  For the second hour, Cologne-based DJ Marie Montexier (Warning)  is taking over with a beautiful guest mix, going from ambient to various forms of breakbeat wizardry.

The collective star - Introductory Om
Herry Ansker - Ephemerides
Holger Czukay/Rolf Dammers - Canaxis
(POEM) Scott Grooves - Thought you understood
Orquesta de las Nubes - Cama Diarmonica
(POEM) Spencer Matheson - To the River
Finis Africae - Masai Mara
(POEM) Spencer Matheson - The Clean and Jerk
Michael Gregory jackson - When We Got There
(POEM) Amarantha Groen
Don Cherry - Om Shanti Om
Duval Timothy - No
(POEM) Portable & Mandy Jade Alexander - Wonder
The Primitive Painter - LevitationGUEST MIX: Marie Montexier (Warning)Pawel’s Bar - Dub prejudice [OK SPIRIT]
J Majik ‎- chakra / [Infrared]
Blackdown - Keysound Sessions Anthem (Feverish Weightless Mix) / [Keysound Recordings] ‎
Lyra Pramuk - Mirror / [Bedroom Community]
Leif - Borage / [Whities]
Cell Out - Transcendance / [Beatnik Boulevard]
Tala Drum Corps - Clear Fall / [BAKK]
K-Lone - Batucada / [Wisdom Teeth]
Jammin’ Unit - Heroin / [Pharma]
Pangaea - One By One / [Hessle Audio]
Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom (It’s In There) / [Mute]
Bionic Skank - Babylonic / [Pharma]
Bear Bones, Lay Low - Voces De Humo (DJ Plead Belly-Roll Mix) / [OK SPIRIT]
Formally unknown - Off Peak / [17 Steps]
Supereal - Blue beyond belief (clear blue mix) / [Guerilla]
Soundbwoy Killah - Abra Cadabra / [Sneaker Social Club]
Simone Fabbroni + Maux ‎– Bounce - (let it roll version) / [Amoco]
Denham Audio - Keep Your Distance / [Library Tool Kit]
The Holy Ghost - Crow Business / [Holy Ghost Inc]
Pearson Sound - Alien Mode / [Hessle Audio]
C.R.K. - Plus Loin Que La Police / [Comic Sans Records]La Synthesis - Frozen Tundra Dub
Orquesta de las Nubes - Cavando en el arco Iris

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