Steve Reid Foundation Day: Bex Burch // 13-04-20

Once again, Worldwide FM is teaming up with The Steve Reid Foundation to present a day of programming dedicated to the organisation in order to fundraise and spread some good energy. We're bringing the Jazz Jukebox back with all proceeds going to Help Musicians (UK) and Jazz Foundation (NYC) to help musicians whose work/livelihoods are affected by the Coronavirus crisis. For the next hour, we have Bex Burch of Vula Viel with her selections. Tracklist:

Fela Kuti - London Scene - Who’re you
STeve Reid & Kieran Hebden - Tongues [The Sun Never Sets]
Ill Considered 9 East - West - East (part 1)
Amok Amor - Mani 3 - Achse des Guten
Robert Stillman - Reality [The Stars are Beautiful]
Lumba Pat Thomas - AHENFO KYINIYE
Five Beans - Rozie Plain
Charles Hayward, Chris Sharkey & Jack Wyllie - One Day Band Session 16 [Trestle Records]
Peter Zummo - Deep Slide (Live at Cafe OTO) [unreleased]
Audio Bullys - Dingwalls

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