Straight No Chaser: Paul Bradshaw with Mike Calandra Achode, Nan Kolè & Christian Adofo // 05-07-19

This coming Friday, Straight No Chaser’s Paul Bradshaw is in the WWFM studio with Crudo Volta founder and Art Director Mike Calandra Achode, Gqom Oh! DJ and label owner Nan Kolè and writer Christian Adofo.

SPAZA - Magwinya, Mangola Newhite Liver [Mushroom Hour Half Hour]
Arthur Blythe - Down San Diego Way [Columbia/Legacy]
Arthur Blythe - Bush Baby [Columbia/Legacy]
Theaster Gates and The Black Monks - Furthermore [The Vinyl Factory]
Heroes Are Gang Leaders - The Shrimpy Grits [Flat Langston's Arkeyes]
Makoto Terashita - Dragon Dance [Aketa's Disk]
Young John - Idunu [Python Syndicate]
Ethiopian Records - Tigist [Python Syndicate]
Hagan Feat. Mensah - Unreleased
Rvdical The Kid - Yama Kegule [Python Syndicate]

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