Strut Records: Black Fire

Strut's Quinton Scott presents a two-hour special on Black Fire. Tune in for a special treat. We focus on the Black Fire label from Richmond Virginia, set up in 1975 by radio DJ Jimmy Gray. He was a distributor for Strata East and made his reputation as one of the main suppliers for Gil Scott Heron's 'Winter In America'. Gray created a home for radical jazz and R&B albums from the likes of Wayne Davis, vibraphonist Lon Moshe and Oneness Of Juju. Deserving to be recognised amongst some of the great black jazz labels of this era, Quinton curates music spanning Hamiett Bluiett to Experience Unlimited, giving context and space to this important imprint.

Theatre West – Crossroads (Black Fire / Strut)

Wayne Davis – Morning (Black Fire / Strut)

Oneness Of Juju – Be About The Future (Black Fire / Strut)

Byard Lancaster – Newest African Cities (Black Fire / Strut)

Hamiet Bluiett – Footprints (live) (Black Fire / Strut)

Juju – Black Experience (Black Fire / Strut)

Southern Energy Ensemble – The Best Part Of Me Southern Energy (Black Fire / Strut)

Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra – Ballad For Bobby Hutcherson (Black Fire / Strut)

Oneness Of Juju – Space Jungle Funk (Black Fire / Strut)

Experience Unlimited – Free Yourself (Black Fire / Strut)

Okyerema Asante feat. Plunky – Play A Sweet Rhythm On Them Drums (Black Fire / Strut)

Wayne Davis – Look At The People (Black Fire / Strut)

Experience Unlimited – Peace Gone Away (Black Fire / Strut)

Plunky & Oneness Of Juju – Always Have To Say Goodbye (Extended version) (Black Fire / Strut)

Plunky & Oneness – Share With You (N.A.M.E. Brand Records / Strut)

Theatre West – Man Of Many Means (Black Fire / Strut)

Juju – Thembi (Live At 131 Prince Street) (Black Fire / Strut)

Plunky & Jamal Gray – Made Through Ritual (demo)

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