Studio Monkey Shoulder Taiwan: Sonia Calico w/ Jon Du

To celebrate the launch of Studio Monkey Shoulder, we've organised a special series to spotlight the 5 different countries we're focusing on this year. 

Sonia Calico is a Taipei-based DJ/producer at the forefront of Taiwan’s dance music scene. Her sound is influenced by bass/club music fused with a variety of sonic elements including Mandopop and traditional East Asian ceremonial instrumentation.

Sonia will be taking us on a journey through the diverse array of music hailing from Taiwan. Expect everything from early 2000s Mandopop to modern reinterpretations of classic Taiwanese hits, songs blending Taiwan's indigenous folk melodies, alongside the freshest sounds crafted by today's music creators.

She’ll also be chatting with American Taiwanese music producer DJ Jon Du about his musical journey through the grassroots music scene in Taipei.

This episode is part of a series to celebrate the launch of Studio Monkey Shoulder – a new global music initiative dedicated to empowering and celebrating innovative grassroots music communities. Applications are open now in Taiwan, the UK, India, Nigeria and Miami (USA) for a £10,000 fund plus support from Worldwide FM to help bring to life an original project where people come together to connect, create, and discover music.

1. 潘Pan - Ghosts

2. Lujiachi - unkown ID (unreleased)

3. Scintii - 星火 Tanabata (feat. Charity SsB)

4. 非/密閉空間Non-Confined Space - Steely Dan III feat. - PiNkChAiN _ TenderG

5. Ń7ä - Zaljum (feat. ABAO & RFU)

6. Tzusing - 趁人之危 (Take Advantage)

7. B E N N - Hakka Funky

8. Sonia Calico - 你想說什麼 wut r u tryin to say (unreleased)

9. Utingling ft. Leelek - 瀟灑走一回

10. 范翰平 & Polo 杜穎 - 榮譽之歌

11. IPIS 蟑螂合唱團 - 失戀中請勿打擾

12. Siren Siren - Wombs in the War (unreleased)

13. 李雨寰 - 舞女 vogue (Exdended Mix) Madonna VS 陳小雲

14. Go Chic - Waiting For

15. 小帕 - The Redpole

16. 湯湯水水 SLEAZE - 這一生中最壞事件只會有一次

17. Skin (Demo) - CAN'T

18. 落差草原WWWW Prairie WWWW - 月亮 Moon

19. RacoG & Jon Du - 壞 (unreleased)

20. Mong Tong & LUDU - Thunder Trance

21. 李雨寰 - 放肆 Presumptuous Featuring Suan6 酸六

22. Lim Giong - A Pure Person

23. 笑琴 ChillQin - 自在 Namo Lokeshvaraya

24. A-Mei - 我要飛

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