Synthwave: Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio presents two hours of Early Synthwave in association with the worlds leading online Electronic Music Academy “Sonic Academy” as part of their month-long series of events based around the Synthwave genre.

Featuring various rarities and the occasional classic from the formative days of the sound that has seen a huge revival in recent years - no doubt influenced by the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Minimal Wave, Techno-Pop, Electronic Library Music, Berlin School, proto-techno, early Electro and much more all influence this genre so expect the unexpected in this homage to eighties Synth Music.

Richard Pinhas: Sur Le Theme De Bene Gesserit VII (Cobra)

Gerry & The Holograms: The 43 (Previously Unreleased)

Neural Circus: Conclusion (Luggage)

Autumn: The Third Autumn (Micrart)

Ian Boddy: Iaja (Mirage)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck: Rock Cycle (Coloursound)

Carmody: Vulcani (Previously Unreleased)

Michael Garrison: Interphase (Windspell)

Liaisons Dangereuses: Etre Assis Ou Danser (TIS)

Les Invalides: Diable-Danse (Previously Unreleased)

Mike Moran: Automative (Themes)

Sauveur Mallia: Special Escapade (Tele-Music)

Videoclips: Der Doppelgänger (Steyrer Disco)

The Twins: Birds & Dogs (Hansa International)

Simon Park: Hi-Band (Music De Wolfe)

Tyndall: Elektronen (Sky)

Schaltkreis Wassermann: Lux (Space-Records)

Ruud Kluivers: Stampende Machines (Trumpett)

No Human: Pinball Express (X Records)

Rational Youth: Le Meilleur Des Mondes (Yul)

Heinz Funk: 13/8 Improvisation (Selected Sound)

Irsol: Main Sequence (Irsol)

Autumn: Pale Mist Meditation (Micrart)

E.M.A.K.: Gewitterluft (Originalton West)

Zwischenfall: Atemios (Mask)

Izzanelli Samy Wathson II: Astroboles a (CBS)

A Popular History Of Signs: Guernica (Jungle)

Tom Ware: Chinatown (Tom Ware)

Testpattern: Ryugu (Yen)

Bruce Mitchell: Starshots 4 (Parry Music)

Post Industrial Noise: Prelude (Post Industrial Noise)

Linear Movement: Inside Outside (Micrart)

Future World Orchestra: Mister “Y” (Dureco Benelux)

Francis Rimbert: Industrie 2002 (CBS)

Rick Miller: Future Directions 2 (Parry Music)

Pero: Pommes (Graf Haufen Tapes)

Bal Pere: Wir Kamen Nie An (Previously Unreleased)

James Asher: Research Specimens (New Southern Library)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck: Ad-Da (Coloursound)

Double Fantasy: Children Of The Universe (Innovative Communication)

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