The Emerald Tablet: Leanne Wright with Ben Hixon // 11-10-19

The Emerald Tablet is a monthly show from London DJ Leanne Wright. Celebrating rootikal reverberations in electronic music from hip hop to house, jungle, techno and beyond, and with a nod to the foundations - jazz and R&B. For this month's show, Leanne is joined by a rising producer and musician from Dallas, Ben Hixon.

Alogte Oho & His Sounds Of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa [Philophon]
Joe Armon-Jones Feat. Obongjayar - Self:Love [Brownswood]
Sault - B.A.B.E [Forever Living Originals]
MF Doom - Doomsday [Metalface]
Saul Feat. Brother Portrait - No Fuss No Fight [Rhythm Section]
RAS G - The Arrival [Leaving Records]
Demon Boys - Don't Touch It [Music Of Life]
Lion Youth - Rat A Cut Bottle [Virgo]
Dego - I Don't Wanna Know [2000Black]
Solange - Stay Flo [Saint Records/Columbia]
Stefan Ringer - The Come Down (Sr Mix) [2MR]
Colm K - Lady [Tiff's Joints]
Ben Hixon - Nerves [White Label]
Steve Spacek - Rawl Aredo [Black Focus]
Interplanetary Crminal - Make Me Feel [BANOFFEE PIES RECORDS]
Wllie Lindo - Midnight [Black Wax]
- Ben Hixon Guest Mix -
Prof Jeffrey White & The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir - Shelter In the Time of Storm [GTS Records]
David R Trask - I Can't Help But Love [Search Productions Records]
Kenny Smith - Call Me [Word]
Rev Hubert Powell & The Gospel Truth - Blessed Assurance [Sweet Rain]
Juggy Murray Jones & Cuba Gooding - Love Is A Gamble[Jupiter Records]
June Evans - Hardly Need to Say [H & H Records]
Felix - Fold Out Chair [Dolfin Records]
Mick Jessup - Take It Easy When You Get Down [Starplex International Records]
Patrice Rushen - To Each His Own (Ben Hixon Edit) [unreleased]
Alexander O'Neal - All True Man (Classic Club Mix) [Epic]
FR Shawty - Stefan Ringer [FWM Entertainment]
America's Got The Cutback Blues - Muntu Meloncon [Undercurrent Records]
Greatest Part of Loving - Straight Jacket [Showboat Records]
MBO Theme - Klein & MBO [Atlantic]
Hansoul - Imagination (Dansoul Flute Mix) [Epic]
Oracle Three - Esther II [New Music Seminar]
Liv.e - AWOMAN [Dolfin Records]
Lord Byron - Alien [Dolfin Records]
Gabriel Hardeman Delegation - Givin It Up [Birthright Records]
New King James Version - With You To Stay [Light Records]
Carlos Embale - Donde Estabas Anoche [Areito]
Byron The Aquarius - I'm Still Learning (Girls) [Self Released]
Cromie - Informal Path (Stefan Ringer Remix) [These Things Take Time]
JT Donaldson ft Liv.e - Stay Inside (Extended Remix) [Classic Music Company]
Kyle Hall - Crushed [Wild Oats]
Ben Hixon - Walk Talk (ft Ghoulfive) [Doghouse Records]
Spencer Kincy & JT Donaldson - Not An Illusion [Cajual Records]
Kryptonyte Feat. Lord Byron & Pink Siifu - LOVE [Dolfin Records]

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