The Fifth Sun: Papaoul with ElPeche // 05-09-19

WW Daily presenter, DJ and music journalist Papaoul (aka Gabriel Francis) is in the studio exploring some new sounds from and inspired by Latin America. Expect everything from downtempo folktronica to future baile. For this episode, Papaoul is joined by ElPeche, a São Paulo born, London raised artist whose influences range from the classics of Brazil’s Tropicalia movement such as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, to the Northeastern Brazilian Alceu Valenca and the legendary Orquestra Afro Brasileira. He has been producing music for the past 4 years and has recently released a number of edits and originals both independently and through labels such as Shango Records, Cosmic Awakenings, Tropical Twista Records, Sonido Trópico, Generation Bass, In-Correcto, Pachamama and GATOPARDO. Former resident and member of groundbreakers Sonido Trópico since 2014, ElPeche is now starting in partnership with other former residents Salvador Araguaya, Meraki and Nirso their own new label ZARAGATA.

Poranguí - Canto de la Selva (Momentology & DJ Taz Rashid Remix) [Desert Trax]
Cero 39 Feat. Kaleema - Aurora [Cero39]
Prisma & Martin Boder - Secreto [Shika Shika]
Scott Nice Feat. Shira Netanya - Picaflorcita (El Búho Remix) [Jumpsuit Records]
Jose Solano - Birds [Shango Records]
Uji - Jenga (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix) [ZZK Records]
Afrosideral - Oggun Onile [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Santiago Navas Feat. Juan Aguilar - La Guaneña [In-Correcto]
- ElPeche Guest Mix -
Marcel Puntheller Feat. Wolfgang Schroeter - We Wish We Were in Miami (ElPeche Remix)
Cotidiano (LZO Edit)
Vruno - Albahacas
Zuma Dionys - Pyramids
Nhii - Whistling Clouds
Salvador & ElPeche - Ciradinha
Fe Rocha, Gonça, Gobbi & ElPeche - Flor De Cacto
- Papaoul -
iLe - María Landó [Sonidos del Mundo]
WESTE - Tinta [Geiser Discos]
Reyna Tropical - Calmada [White Label]
Crudo Means Raw Feat. DJ Dmoe - Día Uno [Esmereldas / Crudo Means Raw]
Joyce Santana - Vicky [Rimas Entertainment]
Black Mandingo - Cumbia Dura [Folcore Records]
Nino Augustine - Nos Fuimos [Flow HP Records]
NATH - Laitue [Team Oneself]

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