The Full Friday Service: SOS Music

Two hour mix from SOS Music co-founders Maddy Maia + Tottie, exploring past and present female and non-binary electronic artists.

Closet Yi - Nine Dreams

cinthie - just us

honey dijon / xpress 2

maruwa - free

Paramida - Dream Ritual - Eris Drew & Octo Octa's Alchemical Sisters Dub)

Miranda - your live is so divine (divine dub)

Bamz - stomper

K- Hand -

Ladymonix - Steppin Out (12"Mac Mix)

Ikonika - What Kind Of Pain - (Ikonika VP)

Via App - anysthinia

Maddy Maia feat Tottie - Spirit (Falty DL Brux Remix)

DJ Minx - Dequindre Cut

Olive T - Shimmer & Glimmer

Elkka - Harmonic Frequenicies

DJ Spookie - Twilite

Violet - Love Under Will

SUCHI - Danchag

Kiara Scuro - Habibi Fitness

Jennifer Loveless - ECC

Nightwave - Mescalito

Nice Girl - Cool Dudes In Hot Water

Juana - Strategy

Perel - Real (Instrumental)

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