The FullJoy Experience: Laani // 06-03-21

Join Laani each Saturday morning 10-12 for the FullJoy Experience. Start your weekend the right way. This week, brand new music from the Melbourne production duo Close Encounters with Allysha Joy, a debut release from TK Mara (Extra Soul Perception) also Eastern mysticism re-imagined by Jaubi & The Gaslamp Killer forthcoming on Astigmatic Records. Plus an electronic producer explosion with Drea the Vibe Dealer, LA timpa, moon and The Colours That Rise + more. Multi-percussionist JAB is back with new track ‘Currents’ (Joon Dada). Also featuring track from a new compilation of ambient music called ‘Medusozoa’ (Tartelet Records). Remixes of Web Web, Lynda Dawn, music from Penya’s second album and exciting new Contours X Werkha collaboration (ANMA/Cognitiva).

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