The Heavy Disco Spectacular: Ashley Beedle

Co-founder of the infamous ‘Heavy Disco’ parties, Ashley Beedle, navigates you through the many strands of music that make up the ‘Heavy Disco’ sound.

Ashley Beedle eases you gently into 2022 with a selection of laid back vibes, dubplates and exclusive and some prime house cuts. Remember, Heavy Makes You Happy!

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Segue 1 [Get Together]

Mamas Gun - Looking For Moses (Radio Edit) [Candelion]

Jonny Tobin - Amethyst [Indie release]

Leo Pesci - GUTS [Bandcamp]

Maxine Scott - Erykah U Bad (North Street West Vocal Remix) [Ramrock Blue Records]

Typesun - Last Home (DJ Nature Remix) [Compost Records]

Wild Bounce - One Shot [Danca]

SAAF Central - Move All Night [Ramrock Blue Dubplate]

Movers International - Lip Bam [Ramrock Red Records dubplate]

Optimo - Amsterdam

Glenn Underground feat Swaylo - U Don't Own Me (Destructive Beauty Mix)

KaySoul - Behind One (Clive From Accounts Remix) [Dirt Records]

Sensei Lo - Don't Let Go ft. Guido [More Time Records]

Benjamin Long - New Strings [Apparel Records]

Glenn Davis - Better Daze [I Yore]

Jonny Faith - Lifted [Tru Thoughts]

Black Sauce - Abigail - North Street West Vocal Remix (Dafia Records)

Lady Blackbird - Lost and Looking (Cosmo Remix Radio Edit)

Saucy Lady - Passport To My Love [Razor n Tape]

Tilman - Rewind Your Dreams [Shall Not Fade]

Honey Dijon featuring Dave Gilles II, Cor.Ece & Mike Dunn - Work (Extended Mix) [Classic]

Twelve Caesars - Swan Fendered Mercury - North Street West Vocal Remix [Ramrock Red Records dubplate]

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