The Lesson: DJ Gilla & Mr. Thing with James Poyser // 31-03-20

Tune in for a show from DJ Gilla, A&R/founder of First Word Records and Mr. Thing of BBE and First Word records. They present you 'The Lesson', a show about producing, playing and enjoying hip-hop. In the first of a regular series on Worldwide FM, hosts Gilla and Mr Thing take a deep dive into a classic album. This month celebrates the 20th anniversary of Common’s ‘Like Water For Chocolate’. As well as looking into the making of and inspirations of the album they also talk with James Poyser, a key player in the album’s creation, as well as countless other classics from the Soulquarian era. Tracklist:

Time Travellin’ (A Tribute To Fela) - Common
Tekzilla - Common
Funky For You - Common ft Bilal & Jill Scott
Hardrgoove - Roy Hargrove
Pops Rap (Instrumental) - Common
// Mr Thing In The Mix //
Morning Order - Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen
Nag Champa - Common
Dooinit - Common
Memories Are Here To Stay - The Intruders
The 6th Sense - Common
Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
The Light - Common
The Light (Remix) - Common ft Erykah Badu
Funkin’ For Fun - Parliament
Coldblooded - Common
Heat - Common
Vulcan Mind Probe - George Duke
Thelonius - Common ft Slum Village
Thelonius (Instrumental) - Common
A Song For Assata - Common
// James Poyser Interview //
Heat (Instrumental) - Common
Other Side Of The Game - Erykah Badu
Retrospect For Life - Common ft Lauryn Hill
The Juice of Chicago - The Roots
The 6th Sense (Instrumental) - Common
Chicken Grease - D’Angelo
Chicken Grease (Instrumental) - D’Angelo
The Questions (Instrumental) - Common
The Questions - Common ft Mos Def
Climax (Instrumental) - Slum Village
Climax - Slum Village
Water No Get Enemy - The Soultronics ft Roy Hargrove & Nile Rogers
Aquarius (Instrumental) - Common
Nag Champa (Instrumental) - Common
A Film Called Pimp - Common
Come Close - Common
Geto Heaven (TSOI Instrumental) - Common
Be - Common
A Film Called Pimp (Instrumental) - Common
Pops Rap III (All My Children) - Common

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