The Shape Of Things To Come: Tarun Balani with T.M Krishna // 01-01-21

Artist, drummer, producer and educator, Tarun Balani, presents a monthly mix from the world of improvised music and conversations with some of the most forward thinking musicians, artists, educators and authors, in an attempt to reimagine a new future for music and the arts. For episode # 3, Balani brings focus to Carnatic music ranging from the traditional greats to his current favourites like T.M Krishna, Rajna Swaminathan, Amirtha Kidambi and Ganavya— who’re pointing towards a new future for Carnatic music. Tarun is joined by the award winning Carnatic vocalist, writer, author and activist, T.M Krishna, for a conversation about his early years as a music student, improvisation, his current music projects and collaborations, as well as the issues in the world of Carnatic music.

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