Thiago Nassif with Stefanie Egedy

Rio-based singer and songwriter Thiago Nassif is of the progressive new generation of Brazilian songwriters at the moment.

On this month's show, Thiago is joined by COISAS QUE MATAM (THINGS THAT KILL) label boss Stefanie Egedy who is a sound worker that operates as an artist, whose practice evolves around sound. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, subwoofers, and their capacity to reveal themselves as present in a space. Exploring human and architectural bodies, the interactions and potential for new creations are of greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, Stefanie articulates the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings.



2.bella e cadu - 4 (COISAS QUE MATAM)

3.bella e cadu - 3 (COISAS QUE MATAM)

4.i2terzon3 - Prevent The Rise of A messiah (COISAS QUE MATAM)

5.Governo das Sombras - Samba da Morte Negra (COISAS QUE MATAM)

6.Mariana Herzer e Stefanie Egedy - Agora é (COISAS QUE MATAM)

7.Muep Etmo - -•- (COISAS QUE MATAM)

8.Muep Etmo - The Terror (COISAS QUE MATAM)

9.Ricardo Carioba - Prossegue (COISAS QUE MATAM)

10.Objeto Amarelo - Parei De Aparecer No Espelho (COISAS QUE MATAM)

11.Objeto Amarelo - Pessoa Americana (COISAS QUE MATAM)

12.Ícaro Lira - A (COISAS QUE MATAM)

13.Ícaro Lira - B (COISAS QUE MATAM)

14. alys - A2 percussive flight (COISAS QUE MATAM)

15.BELLIC STAFF - Manter (unreleased) (COISAS QUE MATAM)

16.BELLIC STAFF - Magia (unreleased) (COISAS QUE MATAM)

17.LAPOSIVY - Baia Florida (unreleased) (COISAS QUE MATAM)

18.Ana Carolina Rocha - Não Me Deixe Esquecer (unreleased) (COISAS QUE MATAM)

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